Project Description

Dancer, choreographer, founder and artistic director of Weld, Anna Koch

Weld is an artist-run platform in Stockholm for developing and presenting choreographic works. Interested in a critical discourse around production and distribution Weld has since 2006 produced, co-produced and presented choreographic works, arranged thematic festivals, symposiums and talks. Weld is supporting a wide group of young or established artists, mainly from the field of dance, but also projects coming from visual art, theory or music. Weld has been hosting PhD seminars in collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts.

Weld offers an environment that invites reflective conversation and encourages critical thinking, as an aim to provide new thoughts and attitudes within the art-scene in Stockholm. Weld has during its ten years been hosting a large number of various projects from different fields, a crossover to other art forms, ways of thinking and practises. The organisation moves freely around the needs of artists, questions and explores new situations and perspectives to the arts. Weld works for cultivating, strengthening and developing the art form.