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Artistic doctorates in dance and performance: experiences from the supervisory field, with Q&A


RESEARCHING SUPERVISION IN PRACTICE BASED DOCTORATES - INSIGHTS FROM PRACTICE UK Council for Graduate Education Hallam Conference Centre, London December 7th 2017 Professor Vida Midgelow, Middlesex [...]

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7th December 2017 | 12:00 am |

How are Artistic Doctorates Forwarding Dance and Democracy: The Case of ADiE


Nordic forum for dance research Dance and Democracy 13th International NOFOD Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden 14th- 17th of June 2017 Co-Presented by Camilla Damkjaer, Vida Midgelow, Leena [...]

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14th June 2017 - 17th June 2017 |

Hierarchies within collaborative work and the research process: Carina Reich (SE)

Case Studies

Carina Reich is a Swedish stage director and performer, and currently a PhD candidate in performative and mediated practices at Stockholm University of the Arts. At [...]