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Per/forming Futures

Investigating Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance

April 11th-13th, 2019

Middlesex University, London, UK

Curated by ADiE


“Artistic Research is a crucial part of the future of academia…[I]f the university is going to serve the next stages of human society, we need to continue to develop robust and transformative practices.”

“Practice as Research is the major channel for arts to be topical, radical, progressive and truly creative.”

“The relationship between the cultural sector and education sector is vital.”

  (ADiE Doctoral Survey respondents)


Join us in creative dream spaces, performance and debate as we gather to shape the future of the Artistic Doctorate.

The full call for contributions will follow

– please hold the dates –

As an established qualification in some contexts, yet just emerging in others, the Artistic Doctorate uses creative practice as a primary means and method of inquiry. With few pre-established guidelines to give us the assurance that we are on the ‘right’ path, artistic researchers are constantly inventing the path even as they travel upon it. Indeed, little attention has been paid to the real complexities that this mode of research engenders in terms of its facilitation, support and outcomes. Further, the intersection with, and potential impact of, the Artistic Doctorate to the arts sector, and on audiences more widely, go untested. This is both the promise and challenge of artistic research.

This assembly is an opportunity to share, investigate and re-envision the doctorate with keynotes and performances from leading figures in the field.

Showcasing practice-as-research in multi-modal forms, the assembly will incorporate spaces for workshops, discourse and performative events. We invite artists, candidates, supervisors, researchers, arts organisations and policymakers to come to together and debate artistic doctoral education, practice-as-research processes and supervision practices, whilst reflecting on the impact of the Artistic Doctorate within the University as it interfaces with the cultural arts sector and with the public.

As an international gathering we seek to facilitate the building of global networks, generating opportunities for the development of best practices in the undertaking and delivery of the Artistic Doctorate.

This event is curated by the Artistic Doctorates in Europe project, funded by Erasmus + and led by Professor Vida L. Midgelow (Middlesex University).

ADiE is a partnership between Zodiac Centre for New Dance, Kiasma Theatre Museum and University of the Arts Helsinki (TeaK) (FI), Weld and Stockholm University of the Arts (SE), and Dance4, University of Chichester and Middlesex University (UK), funded by Erasmus +.