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Nordic forum for dance research
Dance and Democracy
13th International NOFOD Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
14th- 17th of June 2017

Co-Presented by Camilla Damkjaer, Vida Midgelow, Leena Rouhiainen


This roundtable presents research by the Artistic Doctorates in Europe project (ADiE 2016-2019). The EU funded project convenes representatives from Middlesex University, University of Chichester, Stockholm University of the Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki and the creative industry partners Dance4
(Nottingham), Kiasma Theatre (Helsinki), Zodiak Centre for New Dance (Helsinki), Weld (Stockholm) to substantiate approaches to doctoral training in dance and to enhance the interlinks between graduated doctoral artist-researchers and the creative industries.
Artistic doctoral researchers are ‘creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk-takers capable of contributing to all sectors where deep rigorous analysis is required’ (ERA 2010). However, the
particularities, requirements and significance of the artistic doctorate in dance have received little attention. The lack of consistent infrastructure, significant networks and methodological resources limit the potential of these degrees. ADiE addresses these gaps by investigating practices and developing resources to support the potential these doctorates have to reach beyond academic contexts to impact artistic innovation and the creative economy.
As the firstphase of research, the project addresses the experiences, views and aspirations of doctoral candidates, graduated artistic doctorates, supervisors and key representative stakeholders in Europe to gain further insight into what kinds of artistic practitioners undertake doctoral education, who they become in the process, what impact they foresee their artistic research to have in their field
and the wider society as well as to where are dance and performance heading as art forms. The proposed round table will share the findings from the first series of survey’s and in depth interviews. Identifying key issues related to artistic doctorate provision, the panel will elaborate the complexity of practices and concerns in these countries through especially considering the problem of democracy of artistic research in dance. The panel comprises three shorter presentations leading into discussion including the audience.


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