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Artistic Doctorates – an ADiE presentation and debate lead by Vida L Midgelow and Paul Russ as part of:


Sustaining the Discipline

Embedding the Right to Dance in the C21st.


We meet to debate the broadening identities of dance scholarship and research at a time when arts knowledge and engagement continue to face precarious economic futures. With sustainability as our central theme, we invite you to explore the value and further progress of dance as a social, cultural asset and route to individual identity.

What are the ideas and practices that we prioritise as we design programmes of study, create dance works and conduct research?

How can we forge a practical philosophy of dancing as embodied and embedded in our collective subjectivity, as an art and science of living, as a discipline in critical debate with what we are, what we do and how we do it?  From this vantage point we ask how to we move positively towards a future identity of dance as a discipline, as a cultural identifier, as a research imperative, as a source of creative thinking, as performance, as political action, as artistic activism, and as art-making behaviour.

Jointly hosted by the Northern School of Contemporary DanceSchool of Film, Music and Performing Arts Leeds Beckett University and School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds.



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