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Artistic Research Performs and Transforms: Bridging Practices, Contexts, Traditions & Futures

Call Open until Feb 28th 2019

CARPA6 attends to the practice of artistic research in the performing arts, inquiring specifically into its potentials for bridging gaps and shifting territorial borders. How does artistic research in the performing arts create interfaces between, interlink and challenge different themes, practices, media, conventions, disciplines and contexts that inform its generation and expression? What kinds of creative interstices are generated? How do these processes change specific performing arts such as dance, theatre, music, performance and live art? What does artistic research do to the performing arts, how does it transform them? What kinds of futures is artistic research in the performing arts generating?

These questions highlight that both the borders and nature of what constitutes performing arts exceeds simple definitions and are in a continuous process of transformation. In drawing upon and challenging previous artistic conventions, performing arts borrow from the past and project into the future. Other disciplines and life more generally play into creative processes and the material, artistic, social and institutional contexts that influence their specific unfolding are experimented with and contributed to.

Artistic research as a wider context deals with research in and through the arts that explores the epistemic potentials artistic practices involve. Artistic research strategies are developed to overcome representational approaches towards art, and artistic processes themselves are opened up as opportunities for research and knowledge creation. Through doing this, artistic research generates original insights into art and artistic practice and produces artwork as well as epistemic proposals. By extending artistic practice into new areas, artistic research questions and transforms both the performing arts and conventional conceptions of research. Artistic research has become to be understood as a transdisciplinary and even undisciplined venture that addresses that which is at once between the disciplines, across different disciplines, and beyond each individual discipline. With this background in mind, the conference aims at scrutinizing artistic research as a differentiating activity that both renews and confirms the performing arts and contributes to their aesthetic, critical, social, environmental and transformative potentials.

Doctoral students, doctoral graduates, independent researchers, artists and professors in the realm of the performing arts with a research focus in their work are invited to send in proposal and to attend CARPA6 Artistic Research Performs and Transforms.

This year’s CARPA conference is followed by the post-conference event Future Manifestos that closes the three-year project Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third Cycle Provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE).

This Erasmus+ funded undertaking explored artistic doctoral education in dance and performance within Great Britain, Finland and Sweden and sought to substantiate and develop the relationship artistic doctorates have with the art field and the so-called creative industries. The post-conference event furthers the thematics of CARPA6 by focusing beyond the remits of ADiE. It presents, envisions and discusses utopian manifestos on future artistic research by artist-researchers working in collaboration with the ADiE network. The event is free of charge and open for CARPA delegates as well as artists, artist-pedagogues, artistic doctoral candidates, and artist-researchers engaged with the performing arts.