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Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice by Vida Midgelow | Middlesex University


 Presentation at Per/forming Futures Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice Vida Midgelow | Middlesex University Vida shares the latest publication from ADiE, co-written with Jane Bacon. We seek in this publication a shared understanding of doctoral processes, such that the ‘in-relation’ nature of the research journey is foregrounded in processes and practices. This challenges conventional [...]

Artistic research/Practice as Research: when, and how, does an arts process become a PhD? Robin Nelson | University of London, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


INVITED LECTURE at Per/forming Futures Artistic research/Practice as Research: when, and how, does an arts process become a PhD? Robin Nelson | University of London, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama This talk revisits tensions between artist-researchers (some of whom want to claim that their arts practice just is research), and the institutional [...]

What do we mean by artistic research? Some Nordic perspectives on artistic doctorates by Annette Arlander | UniArts Stockholm


INVITED LECTURE  at Per/forming Futures What do we mean by artistic research? Some Nordic perspectives on artistic doctorates Annette Arlander | UniArts Stockholm In this talk I describe some experiences of artistic doctorates in the Nordic context, especially Finland, and to some extent Sweden and Norway, trying to reflect on the various takes on [...]

Per/Forming Futures


Per/Forming Futures: Investigating Artistic Doctorates in Dance & Performance Middlesex University London, April 11th-13th 2019 An event for researchers, artists, candidates, supervisors, arts organisations, funders and policymakers to come to together to celebrate research practices and consider the future of artistic doctoral education and its impact within and beyond the University as it interfaces with [...]

Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Research Intensives Documentation, 2018


These videos document week long research intensives for artistic doctoral researchers in dance and body based performance curated by ADiE (Stockholm Uniarts/Weld, March 2018 and Chichester University, June 2018). The videos capture something of these shared practice weeks that included workshops, lectures, sharing of practice and reflections.

Researching (in/as) Motion: A Resource Collection


Researching (in/as) Motion: A Resource Collection, is edited by Vida L Midgelow (Middlesex University), Jane Bacon (University of Chichester), Paula Kramer (Uniarts Helsinki), and Rebecca Hilton (Stockholm University of the Arts). Our purpose with this open access, online resource, is to fill a gap in the resources for doctoral candidates, addressing the limited materials available [...]

Reconsidering Research and Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice


Co-authored by Prof Vida Midgelow and Prof Jane Bacon, we focus on the undertaking and supervision of movement-based research to offer innovative approaches to doctoral processes, seeking to open up the potential for thinking and enquiry through practice across all aspects of the research journey. It will be particularly relevant for candidates seeking different ways [...]

Experiences and Perceptions of the Artistic Doctorate – Survey Report


This report shares the findings of three surveys undertaken in the first phase of the ADiE project (Oct 2016-June 2017). Investigating current provision and industry connections the surveys focused upon gathering experiences, views and perceptions of artistic doctorates in order to identify best practices, as well as gaps and issues, in provision by Higher Education [...]

Talking Thinking Dancing


Video Documentation Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 June 2017 Dance4 international Centre for Choreography This short video documents a two-day event called 'Talking Thinking Dancing' Curated by Dance4 for the 'Artistic Doctorates in Europe' project. Bringing artists, researchers and producers together to think and discuss the past, present and future of Practice as Research degrees, [...]

Artists as researchers, collaborations and the public realm: Nicola Conibere and Katye Coe, in discussion with Simon Ellis (UK)

2019-07-29T19:52:32+00:00Case Studies|

As part of Talking, Thinking, Dancing Dr. Nicola Conibere and Katye Coe, in discussion with Dr. Simon Ellis, consider the necessity of collaboration between artist, commissioners and research institutions in relation to their own doctoral practices as it is shared with audiences. Nicola and Katye, who have both presented their work nationally and internationally, address questions from their [...]

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