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The influence of artistic doctorates: Interviews

2020-01-01T11:59:00+00:00 Case Studies|

Artistic research degrees are changing the lives and creative practices of the individuals who follow them, as well as making a significant difference to academia and the arts. Yet, to date, there has been a lack of evidence as to nature and extent of these impacts. We have started to address this gap because understanding [...]

Three Manifestos for the Future of the Artistic Doctorate – Tuomas Laitinen, Rachel Krische and Anne Juren

2020-01-01T12:02:05+00:00 Case Studies, Resources|

ADiE invited three artistic-researchers -  Tuomas Laitinen, Rachel Krische and Anne Juren - to offer a vision or manifesto for an unknown future as part of the ‘Future Manifestos’ event, Helsinki, August 2019. The manifestos were shared through the means of artistic practice and can be thought of as a generative space in which we might [...]

Download Recommendations, Publications and Reports

2019-09-22T21:00:52+00:00 Resources, Uncategorized|

ADIE (2017) Experiences and Perceptions of the Artistic Doctorate in Dance and Performance: Survey.  ADiE-Experiences-And-Perceptions-LoRes1. Bacon, Jane and Vida L Midgelow (2019) Reconsidering Research and Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice: Reflections from the Field,  Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third-cycle provision in Dance and Performance. ADiE-Research-and-Supervision_Lo-Res Bacon, Jane, Rebecca Hilton, Paula Kramer and Vida L Midgelow [...]

Sensuous and decolonised knowing: Making a difference in the Doctoral Space

2019-09-21T00:11:07+00:00 Resources, Uncategorized|

This keynote lecture by Prof Vida L Midgelow opened the ADiE 'Future Manifestos' gathering and closed CARPA 6, the Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki. Formed through series of  stories, through a process of 'storying' as a mode of artistic research, the lecture offers a convergence of the (inter)subjective and [...]

Documentation and Examination Processes: Ash Bowmott and Virginia Farman (UK)

2019-09-20T23:26:38+00:00 Case Studies|

Prof Jane Bacon discusses PaR processes with two doctoral candidates, Ash Bowmott amd Virgina Farman. Ashleigh Bowmott reflects on documentation of performance as a strategy for the final practical examination and Virginia Farman considers her sited outdoor performance created for her upgrade from MPhil to PhD. Conversation filmed at the University of Chichester, Researching [...]

Recommendations for Action (available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese)

2019-09-22T21:03:22+00:00 Resources|

“Artistic research is a crucial part of the future of academia… [I]f the university is going to serve the next stages of human society, we need to continue to develop robust and transformative practices...” (survey respondent) The Recommendations-For-Action centre around requirements for the artistic doctorate in dance and performance. We focus in particular on doctorates [...]

Ways of Sharing Practice as Research: Susanne Martin (DE)

2019-07-29T21:55:14+00:00 Case Studies|

Performance Lecture by Susanne Martin,  followed by a discussion with Vida Midgelow  Susanne Martin completed her practice as research PhD at Middlesex University in 2016. She performed the lecture Dancing Age(ing): Performing Ambiguity as part of the Researching (in/as) Motion research intensive (June 2018). The performance lecture emerges from Susanne's doctoral work and is a variant [...]

Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice by Vida Midgelow | Middlesex University

2019-11-18T12:26:10+00:00 Resources|

 Presentation at Per/forming Futures Supervision as Creative Embodied Practice Vida Midgelow | Middlesex University Vida shares the latest publication from ADiE, co-written with Jane Bacon. We seek in this publication a shared understanding of doctoral processes, such that the ‘in-relation’ nature of the research journey is foregrounded in processes and practices. This challenges conventional [...]

Artistic research/Practice as Research: when, and how, does an arts process become a PhD? Robin Nelson | University of London, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

2019-07-29T20:29:24+00:00 Resources|

INVITED LECTURE at Per/forming Futures Artistic research/Practice as Research: when, and how, does an arts process become a PhD? Robin Nelson | University of London, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama This talk revisits tensions between artist-researchers (some of whom want to claim that their arts practice just is research), and the institutional [...]

What do we mean by artistic research? Some Nordic perspectives on artistic doctorates by Annette Arlander | UniArts Stockholm

2019-07-29T19:31:34+00:00 Resources|

INVITED LECTURE  at Per/forming Futures What do we mean by artistic research? Some Nordic perspectives on artistic doctorates Annette Arlander | UniArts Stockholm In this talk I describe some experiences of artistic doctorates in the Nordic context, especially Finland, and to some extent Sweden and Norway, trying to reflect on the various takes on [...]

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