Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third cycle provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE) project is investigating Practice as Research (PaR) inquiries within research level degrees in Dance and Performance.

With eight leading organisations from across the UK and Scandinavia the partnership seeks to support, substantiate and enhance the delivery and impact of these degrees within the cultural arts sector and beyond. As a three-year project we aim to make a difference – enhancing experiences and helping both universities and the professional dance sector to come together to understand and promote the benefit of doctoral work in our field.

The ADiE research project will review the experiences and expectations of artistic doctoral candidates in different countries to develop guidelines which will help universities and arts organisation’s better supervise and support future candidates.

ADiE asks:

  • What are the expectations, perceptions and experiences of the Artistic Doctorate?

  • What are the methodological tools and other training needs of artistic researchers in Dance and Performance?

  • How are doctoral dissertations in artistic research best supervised and supported?

  • How do doctoral studies through artistic research respond to, and prepare candidates for, the future?

  • How might universities and creative partners better support artistic research doctorates and reflect the future needs of the creative industry and higher education environments?

To address these questions ADiE will:

  • 1. Review the experiences/expectations of artistic doctoral candidates in different national contexts to identify best practices and gaps/ issues.

  • 2. Devise open educational resources / research training materials focusing in depth upon methodologies for artistic research in the public realm.

  • 3. Develop guidelines that enable university & collaborative partners to better supervise and support the life cycle of Artistic Doctorates

  • 4. Offer workshops, training intensives, conferences and undertake advocacy for Artistic doctorates

For more information about the project contact Lead Researcher,

Vida Midgelow at Middlesex University.

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