Prof Jane Bacon discusses PaR processes with two doctoral candidates, Ash Bowmott amd Virgina Farman.

Ashleigh Bowmott reflects on documentation of performance as a strategy for the final practical examination and Virginia Farman considers her sited outdoor performance created for her upgrade from MPhil to PhD.

Conversation filmed at the University of Chichester, Researching (in/as) Motion, June 2018.

Ashleigh Bowmott, PhD, is a curator, producer, artist and educator.

Across her practice she is interested in art as a catalyst for connection and perspective exchange. Conversation, food and sociability frequently make up her playful, caring engagements with politics, identity, housing, and possible futures. Much of her work has been site-specific and participatory, collaborating with citizens to explore and shape their surroundings.

Below is video documentation of the first eight hours of her research practice ‘held’ (2017), an intra-disciplinary performance-installation developed for the International Biennial of Paper and Fibre Art, at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Caotun, Taiwan. The piece was developed as part of Bowmott’s recently completed practice-as-research PhD at University of Chichester which considers the materiality of paper in site-responsive performance practice.

Video Documentation of ‘Held’ (2017)


Virginia Farman, PhD candidate, lecturer and dance maker

Virginia Farman is a freelance choreographer with an established practice in choreographing and creating large scale outdoor performance work and site-specific projects that incorporate professional practice with community participation in relation to location. Her research is part of Chichester Universities research portfolio, and pioneers good practice for choreographic work in non- theatre settings.  Recent works include; Everyday Hero and The Mass Touring show made with Bicycle Ballet, and Dances on Street Corners (a version of which was presented as part of Researching (in/as) Motion, ADiE, University of Chichester 2018). Her doctoral research is practice-based and is investigating choreographic compositional practices for non-theatre settings.


Stills from ‘Dances on Street Corners’ (2016)