Carina Reich is a Swedish stage director and performer, and currently a PhD candidate in performative and mediated practices at Stockholm University of the Arts.

At ADiE’s Talking, Thinking, Dancing event on 7 June, Carina sought to expose the working processes leading to performance and the research process itself by re-staging The absent becoming present – a staged seminar that foregrounds different voices within the collaborative process of a devised performance.

As a scripted seminar  The absent becoming present is a devised performance on co-acting under hierachically shifted or ‘disturbed’ premises. The aim of the performance, which is at the same time an exposition of an ongoing artistic research, is to make the absent (an absence) in collaborative creative work as well as in artistic research, appear as a present (a presence).

In Discussion: Carina Reich and Camilla Damkjaer

Carina discusses her experiences of being a PhD candidate in performative and mediated practices at Stockholm University of the Arts. She speaks from her position as an experienced stage director and performer in conversation with Professor Camilla Damkjaer (Stockholm University of the Arts) .

Together they consider the relationship between being an art practitioner and being an artistic researcher, tackling questions such as: What does it mean to do artistic research in relation to staging performances? What does it mean to do research within your own art practice?

They also conside the supervisory process and the relationship to the institution. As such questions and meta-perspectives on the consequences of performative and academic reflexivity, as well as those concerning what is happening when the artistic and academic rules meet, are actualized in the discussion (as well as in the staged seminar that proceeded it).


Carina Reich is a multidisciplinary artist within the performing arts. She has created over sixty plays, performances and artworks incorporating playwriting, directing, costume and stage design.

Camilla Damkjaer is a Senior lecturer in dance theory and Head of research education at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her research concerns the methodologies of artistic research, the articulation of embodied knowledge within the arts, and the modes of consciousness in circus and dance practices. Damkjaer’s lecture-performances and publications have concerned the potential of Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy in the study of movement, the relation between scholarly and artistic methodologies, and close analysis of the embodied knowledge in circus practices. Her PhD thesis (The Aesthetics of Movement – Variations on Gilles Deleuze and Merce Cunningham, 2005) addresses the meeting point between dance and philosophy with an interpretation of Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy and the choreography of Merce Cunningham.