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Keep checking back and we will post the next phase of ADiE events in due course. If you want to know more about our work or [...]

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31st December 2021 | 12:00 am |

Looking Forward: Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Movement Practices. Guest speaker Vida Midgelow.


Visioning the Future: Artistic Doctorates in Ireland investigates the current landscape of the PhD in Performing Arts and Film in the Irish context. Through an online seminar [...]

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11th August 2020 | 11:00 am |

OPEN ACCESS DOWNLOADS FROM ADIE: Recommendations, Publications and Reports

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ADIE (2017) Experiences and Perceptions of the Artistic Doctorate in Dance and Performance: Survey.  ADiE-Experiences-And-Perceptions-LoRes1. Bacon, Jane and Vida L Midgelow (2019) Reconsidering Research and Supervision [...]

Links to Resources for Candidates and Supervisors researching during Covid-19/lockdown

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UKCGE - resources for universities and supervisors across disciplines DoctoralWriting blog - support for doctoral writing in a pandemic Linkedin group - Artistic Doctorates in Dance [...]

Supporting Movement Based Doctoral Research at a Distance (Zoom gathering during Covid-19 pandemic)

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This recording is of a zoom call convened by Prof Vida Midgelow in which we share experiences, supervisory adaptations and ways of addressing regulatory issues in [...]

Supporting PaR doctoral work in movement practices at a distance (covid-19).


We invite you to join a zoom call to share experiences, supervisory adaptations and any regulatory issues in and arising from lockdown across our various locations [...]

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15th May 2020 | 2:00 pm | zoom

Three Manifestos for the Future of the Artistic Doctorate – Tuomas Laitinen, Rachel Krische and Anne Juren

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ADiE invited three artistic-researchers -  Tuomas Laitinen, Rachel Krische and Anne Juren - to offer a vision or manifesto for an unknown future as part of the [...]